About us

Bierbroertjes BV is a company that produces food products to which alcoholic beverages or Asian herbs have been added. We create products that have a wow effect. We strive to make products that are as free of e-numbers as possible.

The BierBitterBalĀ®

The BierBitterBall is made by using dark beer with high fermentation. This beer is made according to a century old recipe in a craft brewery using the newest technologies and the best ingredients. The result: an old classic in a new look. Distinctive, authentic and with a great flavour.

Points of sale

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Deli XL 063720
Hanos 41408920
Sligro 263548
Hocras BV Click on link
Horesca Smulders 63952
Makro 7580443
Froster BV 95002
Bierbroertjes 16001
VHC Jongens 4610095
EWT Curacao Click on link
Willie Robben 1025542
de Kweker Amsterdam 174757
Di-Vers IJmuiden Click on link
Broekhuyzen 52093

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